All tools we used is the newest technology

Html5 Technology

Many new features and standards have emerged as part of HTML 5. Once you detect the available features in today’s browsers, you can take advantage of those features in your application. Main focus of HTML5 is to make attractive application with high-interactive front-ends, drag and drop, animation, 3D effects, and others.

No-more flash, targeting ALL user devices.


- iOS
- Android
- Windows Phone
- Blackberry
- and more.

Advanced concepts:

- Mobile Game
- Augmented Reality
- HTML5 mobile website / application
You now have the opportunity to listen, monitor, measure, and engage with targeted consumers across the social channels, included Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Yahoo, and more.
No longer are one-on-one experiences. You can converse with customers in their local markets and who are spreading their experiences virally.
Key Staff
We are skillful - Experienced - Creative and Professional
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    Hung Le
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    Hang Tran
    Senior Designer
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    Duy Nguyen
    Senior Developer
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    Duy Ha
    Senior Developer
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    Hau Lam
    Senior Developer
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    Nguyen Trieu
    Senior Developer
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    Trung Bui
    Senior Developer
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    Nam Luu
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    Son Nguyen
    Senior Developer
We are skillful - Experienced - Creative and Professional
UNIK-Solution Vietnam-Innovative-Digital-Service-Provider

Creative consultant

Help individuals and organizations define problems, recognize opportunities, and develop new products and services by finding out-of-the-box solutions to produce innovation.

What do we do?

- Consulting marketing tasks, such as choosing effective product names and slogans
- Consulting development of new products and services
- Consulting art & design
- Consulting technologies & training
UNIK-Solution Vietnam-Innovative-Digital-Service-Provider

Mobile application & web develop

Mobile Apps: Big businesses like Amazon, eBay, Target, and Gap, started promoting their brands and merchandise with Mobile Apps a few years ago. Smaller businesses quickly followed suit. Auto dealerships, hair salons, realtors – a whole host of industries – jumped onto the App wagon. Why?
Because Mobile Apps are the most affordable and effective way to reach out to customers these days. Mobile Apps benefits both Business and Customers.

Mobile Websites:
Traditional websites are optimized to fit on large desktop monitors, while a mobile website interface is scaled and optimized for small screen display of handheld devices meaning that the sites are faster and more specific so that your customers can get the information they need quickly, with less scrolling and clicks, ensuring a quality user-experience.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and more.
UNIK-Solution Vietnam-Innovative-Digital-Service-Provider

Data collecting

Information is used by many types of businesses, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals in a variety of ways.

Data Collection Service save your time and effort to collecting contents, rip or scrape the information from several website and deliver all the info in many ways.
UNIK-Solution Vietnam-Innovative-Digital-Service-Provider

Digital Producer

Creative ideas and assets (images, text and interactive apps) have to be translated into an array of digital media – web sites, banner ads, rich media applications, HTML emails, mobile and social media applications – so that the right messages are delivered via the right channel at the right time to the right users.

We do:

- Creative design

- Web & Mobile development

- Strategy consulting
- Social Platform management & maintenance
Always deliver best service is our first rule
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We are skillful - Experienced - Creative and Professional

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